Sachtler Tripod flowtech 75 MS + FSB8

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Sachtler Tripod flowtech 75 MS + FSB8
Sachtler Tripod flowtech 75 MS + FSB8
Sachtler Tripod flowtech 75 MS + FSB8
Sachtler Tripod flowtech 75 MS + FSB8
Sachtler Tripod flowtech 75 MS + FSB8
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With a weight of 2.7 kg and supporting a payload of up to 10 kg, the Sachtler FSB 8 T Fluid Head is a durable and reliable addition to your gear. Frictionless leak-proof damping with five levels of drag gives you smooth, jerk and vibration free movement at all times. If you need fast pans, you can completely disengage drag. Being able to quickly set up and level a shot in any environment and terrain gives you more time to be creative and get the perfect shot. The Sachtler flowtech® 75 MS carbon fibre tripod’s mid-level spreader and rubber feet mean that each leg extends or retracts independently of the other two. Each leg has an individual clamping mechanism so that you can loosen and lock them from a single location near the 75 mm bowl. This deployment speed is paired with an easy to use ergonomic, lightweight design that can follow into the most intense environments. The carbon fibre design of the Sachtler flowtech® 75 MS only weighs 3.5 kg, but is capable of supporting up to 20 kg. The design also provides a high level of torsional stability so that you can be sure your pans will always stay completely level with no twisting. When you’ve got the perfect shot, the legs can be folded up while remaining attached, where a magnetic lock holds them in place until you release them again.

  • Flowtech75:
  • 75 mm half shell
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • Load capacity: up to 20 kg
  • Minimum height: 26 / 63 cm (without/with center spreader)
  • Maximum height: 153 / 157 cm (without/with center spreader)
  • Transport length: 68 cm
  • Extensions: 2
  • Simple tripod legs
  • Quick clamp with hinge lock
  • Removable rubber feet and spikes
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Included accessories: 3x rubber feet FT, 1x center spider
  • 75 mm half shell with integrated flat bottom connection
  • Load capacity: 1 to 10 kg
  • Weight compensation: 10 levels
  • Tilt angle: -75° to +90
  • Variably adjustable damping in five steps on each of two axes (pan and tilt)
  • Camera can be moved 12 cm on the Ace/Sideload Plate S quick-release plate
  • Illuminated bubble level
Detail Value
Weight (KG) 6,9
max payload (KG) 10
Typy of Tripod Videotripod
Mounting type for Head 75mm ball
Number of Rises
center coloumn no
min Height (cm) 41
max Height (cm) 169
Material Carbon

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