Profoto Widezoom Reflector

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Profoto Widezoom Reflector
Profoto Widezoom Reflector
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Our Profoto Widezoom Reflector has many similarities to the popular Magnum Reflector, but it creates a wider and more strikingly even light spread. These unique features have made the WideZoom a go-to reflector among fashion photographers in need of a crisp, brilliant main light or perfectly even background illumination.

  • Max f-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO: f/64.6 at zoom position 6 (with 2400 Ws)
  • Light spread: 80° at position 10, 50° at position 7 and 40° at position 4.
Detail Value
Lightshapertype Reflector
Max. Wattage (W) 1000
Light emitting area (sqm) 0.0615
only OCF

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