Profoto Tele Zoom Reflector

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Profoto Tele Zoom Reflector
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Our Profoto Tele Zoom Reflector bundles the light from the head relatively tight. While it shares its basic characteristics with the Zoom Reflector, the TeleZoom Reflector has a deeper shape that creates a more directed and even light with a distinct fall-off. This has made the TeleZoom a fixture among photographers who want to work with deep light or throw light evenly over large distances.

  • Max f-stop @ 2m / 100 ISO: f/90.7 at zoom position 6 (with 2400 Ws)
  • Light spread: 70° at position 10, 40° at position 7 and 30° at position 4.
  • Depth: 42 cm / 16.5 in
  • Weight: 0.85 kg / 1.87 lb
  • Front diameter: 34.5 cm / 13.6 in
Detail Value
Lightshapertype Reflector
Max. Wattage (W) 1000
Light emitting area (sqm) 0,0779

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