Profoto Pro Ring 2 Ringflash

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Profoto Pro Ring 2 Ringflash
Profoto Pro Ring 2 Ringflash
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The ProRing 2 Plus is the choice of fashion photographers who want a direct and prominent key light, minus the harshness. And because it is equipped with a built-in fan and modeling light, it is ideal for extended shooting opportunities. The Profoto ProRing2 Plus Flash Head is a light source that encircles the lens and supports the camera via the included mount. The ProRing2 Plus is popular with fashion photographers for its unique catchlights, soft, flat output and nearly shadowless quality of light even when close to a background. The ProRing2 Plus utilizes a safety mesh cover for its ozone-free quartz flash tube that handles up to 2,400W/s. The 200W modeling lamp (20W x 10) not only makes focusing and previewing easy but defeats possible red eye in dim ambient light. Fan-cooling keeps the head lengthens modeling lamp and flash tube life. The ProRing2 comes with camera and stand adapters and a 13' cable. The lamp head connector is sealed, helping to prevent dust and moisture from entering the generator. The ProRing2 is compatible with the Pro-8, Pro-7, Pro-B4, Pro-B3, Pro-B2 and the D4 generators. Note: Use requires separate purchase of a power pack.

  • Modelling light
  • 2400WS Flashpower
  • Fits any DSLR camera
  • Works with all Pr0 10,Pro 8, Pro B4 and Pro 7battery packs. no Acute or D4 use!
Detail Value
Built in Radioremote No
Shortest Flashduration (@t0,5 in 1/sec)
Batteryoperation Yes
Min. Lightoutput (WS)
Max. Lightoutput (WS) 2400
Recycletime (shortest)
Recycletime (@100%)
Actual Firmware Version

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