Profoto Pro 7s 1200 Generator

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Profoto Pro 7s 1200 Generator
Profoto Pro 7s 1200 Generator
Profoto Pro 7s 1200 Generator
Profoto Pro 7s 1200 Generator
starting at 40,00 €
Prices per day excluding vat. Vat will be charged according local law.

The Profoto Pro 7s 1200 Generator is the standard of rental studios worldwide, Profoto offers action-stopping short flash duration and fast recycling times for any type of application. 2 Lampoutlets which are controlled by one main powerdail. Power will be distributed symmetrical to both heads. Heavy-duty design, self detecting voltage, consistency of light output and color temperature, and compatibility with a full line of modular light shaping tools, make the Pro 7 power packs the first choice of photographers around the world. The Pro 7S 1200 w/s power supply features turbo recycling, and ultra-short flash duration. Other info: Capacitor Rotation When one head is plugged into the power supply, the power supplying that head will alternate between two capacitors, allowing faster recycle times at minimum power and longer overall capacitor life. Six f-stop range Power output can be dialled down 6 stops from 1200 to 37.5 w/s in 1/6 step increments. Turbo Recycling Turbo recycling speed of .9 seconds at full 1200 w/s output. Recycling at minimum power (37.5 w/s) is a mere .1 second. Ultra Short Flash Duration At Maximum output, the flash duration is 1/2200 sec. At Minimum output, it is 1/12,000 sec. Dual Voltage The 7S features self detecting Auto Multi-voltage with AC voltages between 90 and 260V, 50 - 60 Hz.

  • Ultra-short lighting times of 1 / 8000 -1 / 2200s
  • Fastest flash rate of 0.08-0.8s
  • 6 apertures control range in 1/6 steps
  • Automatic voltage adjustment (including modeling light) from 90-260V / 50-60Hz
  • Symmetrical power distribution on two connections
  • Extremely reliable, ergonomic design
  • Short-circuit proof lamp plug
Detail Value
Built in Radioremote No
Shortest Flashduration (@t0,5 in 1/sec) 12000
Batteryoperation No
Min. Lightoutput (WS) 18,75
Max. Lightoutput (WS) 1200
Recycletime (shortest) 0,08
Recycletime (@100%) 0,8
Actual Firmware Version --
color code intern

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