Profoto OCF B1 MKII Lithium Battery

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Profoto OCF B1 MKII Lithium Battery
starting at 12,00 €
Prices per day excluding vat. Vat will be charged according local law.

The upgraded version has a little more capacity so you'll get more flashes out @ full power (300 according to Profoto). Older B1 500 units need to have the actual Firmware or bigger than "E3" installed to run with these batteries.

  • Provides up to 325 full-power flashes.
  • Charges in just over two hours with the standard Battery Charger 2.8A.
  • Charges in one just over one hour with the fast Battery Charger 4.5A.
  • Charges in three hours with the Car Charger 1.8A plugged into a 12V connector.

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