Profoto Magnum Reflector

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Profoto Magnum Reflector
Profoto Magnum Reflector
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Our Profoto Magnum Reflector provides strong, smooth light when mounted to a Profoto flash head. To achieve more precise control over the spread of the light, the Magnum can be supplemented by the ProTube and a Honeycomb Grid.

  • Features Profoto’s unique zoom function – shape the light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head
  • Light spread adjustable 25-50⁰ on ProHead.
  • Max light output at 2 m with 2400Ws @ ISO100: f/128.1 (on ProHead)
Detail Value
Lightshapertype Reflector
Max. Wattage (W) 1000
Light emitting area (sqm) 0.0855

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