Power generator Honda 3kW 30is / 13 litre

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Power generator Honda 3kW 30is / 13 litre
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Our power generator Honda 3kW 3.0is / 13 liters is the classic generator for production. Integrated electric starter. Whether iron, hair dryer or coffee machine - no problem for the 3KW generator. Thanks to its encapsulated design, the generator is relatively quiet in operation and can run for a day without problems if you park it a little away from the set and use an extension. Suitable for all classic consumers up to 3000W. If you want to run flash units, connect a progas between Honda generator and flash generator. You can connect 2 identical generators together and get a 32Ah blue output to run an Arri M40.

  • Output technology: Inverter
  • Type: Single phase
  • Maximum output (W): 3000
  • Rated output (W): 2800
  • Rated voltage (V): 230
  • Rated frequency (Hz): 50
  • Rated current (A): 12.2
  • DC rated output: 12V / 8A

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