Pocket Wizard Plus Receiver

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Pocket Wizard Plus Receiver
8,00 €
Prices per day excluding vat. Vat will be charged according local law.

Our Pocket Wizard Plus radio receiver is used on flash units or cameras to receive the sync signal, please tell us which generator you are using so that the correct cable can be included. The Pocket Wizzard system is one of the most relyable radio trigger systems on the marked. It can be used to triggerflashsystems and cameras. The Pocket Wizzards have to match the area law to been used (USA /Asia/Europe) . All our Pocket Wizzard systems are for the european marked. Some manufacturers build in receivers in their flashunits. Before renting a radio system make shure to check which receiver you need. Anyway renting a transmitter and recheiver from one brand will work with any flassystem. Additional cableling might be needed depending on the way of use. Please check with our shops. This unit is only albe to receive signals. 4 channels, 2x 3,5mm in/out jacks, one hotshoe adapter. 2x batteries LR6 (AA) included

Detail Value
Actual Firmware Version --
Compatible Cameras Any
Radio Mode Receive only RX
Remote features No

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