Phase One IQ350 Set

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Phase One IQ350 Set
Phase One IQ350 Set
Phase One IQ350 Set
Phase One IQ350 Set
Phase One IQ350 Set
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The Phase One IQ350 Set includes everything you need to get started: XF camera body, digital back, batteries, charger and connection cable. The IQ350 is a CMOS digital back with 51 MP resolution. Due to the CMOS sensor, it is much more flexible in the ISO settings compared to older backs and it also offers live-view mode. The sensor has a slight crop factor of 1.3 and the image size is 8280x6208 pixels. 14 apertures exposure range. ISO range is 100-6400. The system stores the image data on CF cards or wired with CaptureOne software directly on a computer. The sensor is 44x33 mm in size, which is significantly larger than a sensor in a full format DSLR. Our set contains all you need apart from the lenses. Add the lens and you're ready to go!

  • 51MP CMOS Sensor
  • Longterm exposure up to 60 min.
  • Dynamic range up to 14 f-stops
  • Sensitivity (ISO) 100-6400
  • Cropfactor 1.3
  • Sensor Size 44x33 mm
  • Active pixel 8280 x 6208
Detail Value
Storagemedia CF
Cameratype Mediumformat
Sensor resolution (MP) 50
Max Framerate Video (F/S)
fastest Flashsyncro (@1/sec) 1600
Max. Frames (Photo @ frames/Sec)
Data interface Photo: USB 3.0 B
Data interface (additional) FW 800
Data interface Video: _empty_
Video 4K no

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