Phase One IQ180 Set

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Phase One IQ180 Set
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The Phase One IQ180 Set set includes everything you need to get started: XF camera body, digital back, batteries, charger and connection cable. The IQ180 is a digital back with 80 MP resolution. The sensor is a full format CCD sensor that is 2.5 times larger than the sensor of a 35mm DSLR camera. The system stores the image data on CF card or wired with the CaptureOne software directly on a computer. Interface is a USB3.0 B cable. The dynamic range is 12.5 f-stops. The ISO options are: ISO 35-800. The sensor measures 53.7x40.4 mm and provides data of 10328x7760 pixels. The system can capture 0.8 frames per second. Our set contains all you need apart from the lenses. Add the lens and you're ready to go!

Detail Value
Storagemedia CF
Cameratype Mediumformat
Sensor resolution (MP) 80
Max Framerate Video (F/S)
fastest Flashsyncro (@1/sec) 1600
Max. Frames (Photo @ frames/Sec)
Data interface Photo: USB 3.0 B
Data interface (additional) FW 800
Data interface Video: _empty_
Video 4K no
Actual Firmware Version

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