Lightmeter Sekonic L-358

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Lightmeter Sekonic L-358
starting at 15,00 €
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Sekonic L-358 offers precise flash and ambient light reading in both incidents and reflected modes. For mixed lighting scenarios, it shows combined exposure values of both flash and ambient light sources, including the flash percentage in the total exposure in 10% increments. The double ISO buttons allow rapid exposure to the factor when working with two different film speeds, films and polaroids, or other situations where comparison readings are desired.

  • Measuring System Incident: Dual retractable lumisphere, Reflected: with included reflected light attachment; Silicon photo diodes
  • Measuring Modes: Ambient and flash (cord, cordless, multi flash) - incident and reflected (54 degrees)
  • Receptor Head: Rotating 270 degree with built-in retractable lumisphere
  • Aperture/Shutter Priority: Aperture and shutter priority
  • Display Readout: Digital LCD plus LCD analog, (auto-backlit LCD at EV 3 and under for 20 sec.)
  • ISO Range: Dual ISO settings: 3 to 8000 (1/3rd steps)
  • f/Stop Display Range: Incident/Reflected: f/1.0 to 90 9/10 (full, 1/2 or 1/3rd steps)
  • Shutter Speed - Ambient: 1/8000 sec. to 30 minutes
  • Shutter Speed - Flash: 1/1000 sec to 30 minutes
  • EV Range (ISO-100): Flash: EV -2 to 22.9 (Incident/Reflected)
  • Cine Speeds: 2 - 360fps
  • Exposure Memory: Capable of nine exposure measurement readings
  • Shadow/Highlight Calculation: Yes
  • Brightness Difference: Displays the difference in 1/10 stop increments
  • Flash to Ambient Ratio: Yes
  • Multiple Flash Yes, unlimited
  • Exposure Calibration: +/- 1.0 EV
  • Power Source: 1 CR123A lithium battery
  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 6.1 x 1.46" (60 x 155 x 37mm) WHD
  • Weight: 5.4 oz (154g)
  • Specialities: All-weather design; Radio triggering with optional RT-32 Radio Transmitter Module (max. distance is 100ft); Compatible with PocketWizard Digital Radio Receivers; 16 standard PocketWizard Channels (#1-16) and 16 "Selective Quad Triggering" multi-zone channels (#17-32) are accessed through the meter's integral software and displayed on its LCS panel. In Selective Quad, up to 4 zones of lighting can be individually triggered and measured wirelessly by the meter